Arcam fmj DV139 DVD Player User Manual

New product information DV139 DVD player
fmj DV139 Universal DVD Player
Best ever DVD player from Arcam
Universal disc replay (inc. DVD-Audio and SACD)
Onboard video scaling to 1080p
Zoran Vaddis 888s core processor
ABT1010 video scaling engine
ABT102 video de-interlacer
HDMI V1.1 output
“Audio Direct” mode for superior music playback
IR and full duplex RS232 control
Stunning picture and sound
As one of the first specialist companies in the world to produce high performance DVD
players, Arcam enjoys a worldwide reputation for excellence in this field. In a world of
uncertainty and high definition format wars, Arcam introduces its best ever DVD player, the
“Bringing music and movies to life”
With such uncertainty in the future of high definition formats, it is all too easy to forget why
people invest in audio and video system for the home. For some it’s the love of music and
for others the thrill of a great movie. The DV139 has been designed as a master of both
disciplines. Put simply, the player to deliver the very best in home entertainment now, and
for many years to come.
Some of the most cutting edge DVD technology in the world has been utilised in the DV139.
Its core processor, the Zoran Vaddis 888s, is designed to obtain the very best quality from
all the popular disc types including DVD-Video, CD, DVD-Audio and SACD. Its internal video
processors are from Anchor Bay Technology. For de-interlacing the DV139 uses the ABT102
with class leading bad edit detection and “any format” cadence processing. For video scaling
the ABT1010 is used. This IC is revered as possibly the best scaling engine available and
offers outputs at up to 1080p resolution.
To ensure an equally breathtaking audio performance, Wolfson audio DACs provide accuracy
in digital to analogue conversion with high precision, whilst ultra low jitter clocking ensures
a solid and accurate sound field. Twin toroidal mains transformers mean delicate audio
signals enjoy a completely separate power supply from their digital and video counterparts.
The tri-laminate Acousteel chassis mechanically separates the electronic circuits from
internal or air borne vibration.
Designed for movie and music enthusiasts, the DV139’s specification will delight the most
ardent of audiophiles and videophiles too. In addition, its full suite of Infra Red (IR) and RS
232 control options makes it the perfect choice for high performance custom installations.
E&OE (September 2006) Available Q4 2006
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