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Spec Sheet
BNC-26N Straight Connector
For 0.6/2.8 Cables
ADC’s BNC connectors are the most reliable and universally accepted method of terminating
coaxial cable in the market today. Outstanding electrical performance (up to 3 GHz) is achieved
by unique design elements in the industry's truest 75 Ohm connector. Precision-molded insulators
with locking gold-plated center conductors ensure true 75 Ohm characteristic impedance.
Innovative features result in significant reduction of impedance mismatch throughout the network
and improved transmission reliability in digital applications.
• True75ohmcharacteristicimpedancethroughtheentireconnector
• Outstandingelectricalperformanceto3GHz
• Tarnish-resistant,nickel-platedbodyandbayonet
• Gold-plated,lockingcenterconductor
• Compatiblewithselectcompetitivecrimptoolsanddiesets
• MeetsorexceedsallrequirementsinMIL-C39012requirements
• Bulkpackagingavailable