AMX max mss 900 Home Theater Server User Manual

max-mms 900 multimedia server
Introducing MAX by AMX, the industry’s only MultiMedia Server (MAX -
MMS 900). MAX plays a major role: keeping your library of DVDs simple
to use, well organized, and always fun to watch – wherever you are,
whenever you want. From single rooms to multi-room systems, MAX
manages your ever-growing DVD collection with amazing efficiency.
MAX only knows one way to achieve the best possible video – through
native DVD quality, the highest standard of video possible preserving the
visual depth, dynamics and sharp quality of the original movie. Built with
a robust internal hard drive, MAX has the ability to categorize and
manage hundreds of DVDs, as well as CDs - the best of both worlds (CDs
can be stored instead of DVDs at a ratio of 25 to 1).
Experience the convenience and luxury of custom video distribution.
Simply add a Audio / Video Module (AVM) to each area of the house
where you want your movies to be displayed. The AVM communicates
directly with the MMS to create a distinct video zone that can be
controlled and personalized using an AMX Touch Panel.