Audiovox ADV200S DVD Player User Manual

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Poor in vehicle
radio reception
IR sensor
Check the condition of the vehicle’s
radio antenna.
Verify that the antenna is fully raised.
If a relay box (SIRSWB) has been
insatalled, make sure that the FM
Modulator is turned OFF.
If a wired RF modulator has been
installed, verify that it is turned OFF
by using the remote or switch.
Verify that the batteries in the remote
are fresh.
Verify that the remote sensor eye is
not obstructed.
Verify that the infrared transmitter is
affixed over the sensor eye of the
component to be controlled.
• Insert a disc with the label side facing
• Check the type of disc you put into
disc tray. This DVD player only plays
DVD’s, audio CDs and MP3s.
• Both the unit and the disc are coded
by region. If the regional codes don’t
match, the disc can’t be played. This
DVD player is Region Number 1.
Disc won’t play
Play starts, but
then stops
No sound or
distorted sound
Make sure your DVD player is
connected properly. Make sure all
cables are securely inserted into the
appropriate jacks.
If you are using the IR headphones,
make sure you turn on the IR power.
Make sure the FM Modulator is ON
and the proper Frequency has been
You can’t advance through the
opening credits and warning
information that appears at the
beginning of movies because the
disc is programmed to prohibit that
Can’t advance
through a movie
• The disc is dirty. Clean it.
• Condensation has formed. Allow
player to dry out.