Audiovox D8000XP DVD Player User Manual

3. Powering the player by battery
Before first use you must fully charge the battery: please see the
preceding section about how to charge it.
Installing the Battery Pack:
1.First, make sure the player is in Power Off mode and that the
AC power supply has been disconnected.
2.Close the display panel.
3.Taking care to align the connector and the guide pegs, push
the battery towards the rear of the player until it locks into
position. The lock position is indicated by a click. The battery
will fit snugly to the player.
Installing the DVD Player Battery
Removing the Battery Pack:
1. First, make sure the player is in Power Off mode and the AC
adapter supply has been disconnected.
2. Press the release button on the side of battery.
3. Pull the battery away from the player.
Removing the DVD Player Battery
Low Battery
The DVD player may fail to start up or read the disc if the battery
is low. When the battery is very discharged during playback, you
may see some picture abnormalities before the picture goes off.
If the DVD player loses power move the power switch to OFF.