Draper Cinefold Home Theater Screen User Manual

Assembly Instructions
Cinefold Portable Projection Screen by Draper
Hinges and
hinge locks
Handy Crank
KE Adjustme
2" Min.
44" Max.
nti-sway stabilizers
optional with HD legs
Standard T-Leg
Handy Crank
Bottom row of snap
studs to accept skir
Standard T-Leg
Heavy duty legs optional
Frame/Screen Assembly
Open carrying case and remove pouch containing screen
surface, and three aluminum assemblies. The largest
package is the frame. Unwrap and unfold it completely in
one direction only, locking all hinges. Frame should lie with
snaps facing up.
Remove surface from its envelope. With male snaps at bot-
tom, snap surface to frame. For easier surface attachment,
start in one corner, then work your way around the frame.
Make sure snaps are secure.
Please note: For steps 3-5, screen should remain on fl oor or
table, with surface facing up. Carefully lift screen from fl oor or
table to complete each step.
Lock corner braces.
Unfold leg assemblies and lock hinges. Check that ad-
just ment knob is in the hole desired (upper for vertical
screen position, lower for keystone elimination). DO NOT
unfold feet at this time.
Attach legs to back side of vertical frame sections, as indi-
cated by the color coded markings, using Handy Cranks.
For standard screen height, match colored tapes exactly.
Height is adjustable in 6" increments.
Raise Cinefold to a vertical position and unfold feet. Tighten ad just ment
knobs to maintain legs at desired angle. If your screen includes Heavy-
Duty Legs, unfold and lock the extensions on the backs of the feet, hinge
up to the backs of the leg, and attach with Handy Crank.
If Anti-Sway stabilizers are supplied with your screen, refer to illustration
and attach with Handy Cranks.
A Note About Surfaces
Always fold with snaps face-to-face. Do not permit screen fabric
to contact border material or snaps when folded. Store in pouch
Take care at all times not to permit Cinefold viewing surface
to contact any dusty or dirty area, nor any varnished or painted
When necessary, clean Cinefold viewing surface with mild
soap and water. USE NO SOLVENTS! Surface must be com-
pletely dry before folding.
Read instructions through completely before proceeding; retain for future
Handle viewing surface with care; do not allow it to come in contact with
sharp or dirty objects.
Use Handy Cranks provided; failure to do so may lead to screen damage.
Make sure screen is level.
Do not write on viewing surface.
Copyright © 2007 Draper Inc. Form Cinefold_Inst07 Printed in U.S.A.
Caution: Beware
of pinch points.
Caution: Make sure all hinges and joints are locked
before raising screen to standing position.
Caution: Make sure screen is
placed on level surface.