Draper MicroScreen Home Theater Screen User Manual

Operating Instructions
MicroScreen Tabletop Projection Screen by Draper
Copyright © 2008 Draper Inc. Form MicroScreen_Inst08-R Made in China
If you encounter any diffi culties installing or servicing your screen, call your
dealer or Draper, Inc., Spiceland, Ind., (765) 987-7999, or fax (765) 987-7142.
Open all four leg supports 90 degrees to casing. Leg supports snap into
correct position.
Place closed unit with carry handle on left side (from audience
perspective). Depress two buttons on front and back of housing (clearly
marked) with thumb and index fi nger. Open screen slowly to desired width.
Place on fl at and stable table and position for data projection viewing.
To close, repeat step two. Casing will automatically snap closed. Take care
to close gently.
To close leg supports, squeeze legs together at base of housing. Fold up to
closed position. Legs will automatically snap into closed position.
Place unit into protective storage bag.
Note: Do not allow screen surface to be exposed to direct sunlight, as it could
fade matt white viewing surface. For presentation, place opened unit away
from door drafts and fan air movement.
Squeeze here
Diagonal Overall Image Closed Weight
(4:3 NTSC) Size (H x W) Area (H x W) Dimensions (D x H x W) (lbs)
40" 28
" x 36
" 24" x 32" 3" x 3½" x 28
" 6
50" 34
" x 44
" 30" x 40" 3" x 3½" x 34½" 6
Note: Do not touch the screen surface. Handle the MicroScreen only by the
case sides or handle.
Caution: Take care not to pinch fi ngers between sides when closing.