Draper Portable Screen Home Theater Screen User Manual

Draper’s new Piper is the most durable and
affordable lightweight portable screen available, and
it’s a breeze to set up. All you have to do is lift the upright,
choose its height and raise the screen; the show is on the road!
While others manufacture portable screens with damage-prone
Mylar, Draper’s high-quality, low-cost Piper has a tear-proof fi berglass
matt white viewing surface with black borders and 30˝ of black “rise” below
the image area.
During storage and transportation, the telescoping upright collapses and clamps to
the back of the matt black extruded aluminum case. For set-up, rotate feet perpendicu-
lar to the case and extend the upright to desired height. A single push-button unlocks
the screen, which can be easily raised with one hand, and its handle serves to secure the
screen on the gooseneck of the upright. Locking levers allow for infi nite adjustment
within the upright length.
Portable projectors need lightweight portable screens.
Lighten up! Draper’s Piper is a high-quality portable
screen that‘s easy to carry and aff ord.
See our Traveller and RoadWarrior portable screens
on the other side.
Dimensions & Data—Piper
Nom i nal Image Height Ship Net Dimensions
Di ag o nal Area Range Wt. Wt. Closed
(H x W) (lbs.) (lbs.) (D x H x L)
NTSC Format (4:3)
60˝ 36˝ x 48˝ 45¼˝–75¼˝ 11 9½ 2⅛˝ x 3¾˝ x 53¾˝
72˝ 43½˝ x 58˝ 52¾˝–82¾˝ 13 11½ 2⅛˝ x 3¾˝ x 63¾˝
84˝ 50½˝ x 67¼˝ 59¾˝–89¾˝ 15 13½ 2⅛˝ x 3¾˝ x 73˝
HDTV Format (16:9)
55˝ 27˝ x 48˝ 36¼˝–66¼˝ 11 9½ 2⅛˝ x 3¾˝ x 53¾˝
66½˝ 32½˝ x 58˝ 41¾˝–71¾˝ 13 11½ 2⅛˝ x 3¾˝ x 63¾˝
77˝ 37¾˝ x 67⅛˝ 47˝–77˝ 15 13½ 2⅛˝ x 3¾˝
x 72⅞˝
Optional Piper carrying case
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