Draper SL Home Theater Screen User Manual

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Read instructions completely before proceeding.
Test lift prior to installation.
Follow instructions carefully. Installation contrary to instructions
invalidates warranty.
Do not obstruct operation of Scissor Lift with fi ngers or any object.
Serious injury or damage could result.
Scissor Lift is designed to accommodate ceiling suspended equip ment.
Equipment should not be allowed to rest on optional ceiling closure
during operation (refer to section titled “Installing Pro jec tor”).
Entire bottom of unit must be unobstructed to permit proper op er a tion.
Suffi cient clearance must be allowed below projector or op tion al ceiling
closure: 4' for Model SL4, 5' for Model SL5, etc.; 11' for Model SLX11,
12' for Model SLX12, etc.
Unit must be installed level (use a carpenter’s level).
Unit operates on 110-120V AC 60 Hz. current.
Note: Unit has been thoroughly inspected and tested at factory and found
to be operating properly prior to shipment.
Based on screen location and projector specifi cations, determine proper
position for projector in stal la tion.
Confi rm that there is adequate space for installation and operation.
Minimum clear ance above ceiling level varies according to Scissor Lift
model, plus height of projector, optional mounting bracket, optional ceiling
closure, and optional plenum rated housing.
Arrange to provide service access to the unit.
As Soon As Scissor Lift Arrives
Open carton and inspect for damage.
Locate the following parts:
A. The unit itself
B. Controls
C. Any optional equipment: plenum housing, closure panel, ceiling fi nish kit
or decorative cover (all ship in separate cartons).
Test lift prior to installation.
Installation/Operating Instructions
SL & SLX Scissor Lift Video Projector Lift by Draper
Hanging Unit
Please note: If using plenum housing option, go to plenum housing
instructions on page 2.
The Scissor Lift may be installed in a variety of ways; recessed above the
ceiling, or sus pend ed below the ceiling. The lift should be supported by four
½" thread ed mount ing rods. If ceiling recessed, the entire unit (including
the projector) should set approximately 1½" above the fi n ished ceiling in its
“stored” position. The threaded rods should pass through the corner mount ing
fl anges and be secured by nuts above and below. Use a thread locking com-
pound such as Loctite
#242 (provided). The unit should then be guy wired or
blocked to pre vent swing ing.
All installations should observe the following guidelines:
Access from above the unit, with enough clearance to remove the top
cover, should be pro vid ed in case service is re quired. If installing above a
hard ceiling, optional Draper Access Panels are available to allow access to
the unit.
Installer must ensure that all fasteners and supports are of ad e quate
strength to securely support Scissor Lift and projector.
Fastening methods must be suitable for mounting surface, and se cure ly
anchored so that vibration or abusive pulling on unit will not weaken
Unit should be level, with weight shared more or less equally by all four
threaded mount ing rods.
Bottom of unit must be unobstructed after installation. Suffi cient clear ance
Electrical Connections
Unit operates on 110-120V AC, 60 Hz. current.
Removing the top cover of the unit and opening the electrical box ex poses
ter mi nals for fi eld con nec tions. Unit is shipped with internal wiring com plete.
Wire to connect unit to power supply should be furnished by in stall er.
Con nec tions should be made in accordance with wiring di a gram, and wiring
should com ply with na tion al and local elec tri cal codes. All op er at ing switches
should be “off” before power is con nect ed.
Scissor Lift should be operated and checked prior to installing pro jec tor and/or
optional ceiling closure.
Standard switch shown below comes with 75' of cable and should be plugged
in to box on front of top pan of lift to control lift.
is a registered trademark of Henkel Corporation.
If you encounter any diffi culties installing or servicing your Scissor
Lift, call your dealer or Draper, Inc. in Spiceland, In di ana, 765-987-
7999, fax 765-987-7142 or E-mail draper@draperinc.com.
must be allowed below projector or optional ceiling closure: 4' for Model
SL4, 5' for Model SL5, etc.; 11' for Model SLX11, 12' for Model SLX12, etc.
Do not use unit to support adjacent ceiling, light fi xtures, etc.
Do not complete the ceiling below unit until electrical connections have
been completed and unit has been operated successfully.
We recommend that safety cables be attached to the Scissor Lift for added
security (a sound in stal la tion practice with overhead equipment).
When unit is fi rst operated, be cautious! If unit fails to operate when the
toggle switch is fl ipped “down”, return switch to “off” and recheck elec tri cal
con nec tions before pro ceed ing. Cycle unit down and up several times to
confi rm sat is fac to ry operation.
Standard Single Station Control—One 12V toggle switch: mov ing 3-po si tion
toggle switch to “down” po si tion will start lift down. Moving toggle switch to
“up” will start lift up. When lift is in “show” position, travel will au to mat i cal ly be
stopped by factory set limit switch es. When ev er switch is placed in center “off”
position, operation will stop. One, 12V key switch will lower lift from “show” to
“service” position.
Video Interface Control—This optional 12V control device allows the Scissor
Lift switch to control the operation of a Draper motorized pro jec tion screen via
a relay.
Multiple Station Control—Optional, moves lift from “stored” to “show”
positions only. Each switch ing station has a three-button switch with “up”,
“down”, and “off” buttons. Lift starts up or down when ap pro pri ate button
is pressed, and may be stopped by pressing “off” button. Factory set limit
switch es stop lift automatically when pro jec tor is in “show” position.
Key Operated Switch—If ordered, a single station, key-operated three
position (up/off/down) switch is available. Multiple Station Control re quired for
this option. Moves lift from “stored” to “show” positions only.
Infrared or Radio Frequency Remote Control—If ordered, a three-button
transmitter is provided, with “up”, “down”, and “stop” buttons. Unit starts up or
down when appropriate button is pressed, and may be stopped by pressing
“off” button. Factory set limit switches stop unit au to mat i cal ly when projector is
in “show” po si tion. Only controls "show" and "stored" positions.