Dukane P42HC Flat Panel Television User Manual

The P42HC is a flat plasma display panel with a 42 inch diagonal area. It is extremely easy to use and
provides brilliant sharp, color images. It has a brightness and picture similar to a conventional CRT
monitor, but a depth of only 3.7 inches. Due to its thin size and relatively light weight, it can be hori-
zontally or vertically wall mounted, put on a table stand, or held by an arm. This self-contained flat dis-
play is a computer monitor or high-definition TV. It can display standard computer images, progressive
video, HDTV, or conventional TV images.
The P42HC is a special panel with a resolution of 852 (horizontal) by 480 (vertical) pixels. This is
the vertical resolution needed for WVGA. The panel has a wide 16:9 aspect ratio, which is standard for
HDTV and most movies. The image is easy to view from the side without any change in brightness. For
sound, there is a built-in stereo amplifier and internal speakers, plus separate 3 watt outputs.
Other features include a full-function IR Remote Control that can be used to select from
the computer and video inputs. With superior HDTV image quality, extra high contrast, and
compatibility to almost all image sources, this panel is the perfect display solution for your
conference room, court room, lounge, lecture hall, lobby, or wherever images and information
are needed in a facility.
Inputs are easily accessible on the rear of panel
Plasma Display Panel
Model P42HC
42 Inch Display
852 X 480 Resolution
3000:1 Contrast Ratio
16.7 Million Colors
Wide Viewing Angle
Only 3.7 Inches Deep