iCEBOX pmn TV DVD Combo User Manual

©iCEBOX, LLC, September 2001
TV Mode
Table 1. TV Channel Setup Submenu
Menu Selection Meaning
Antenna Mode
(Or, Cable Mode)
Antenna Mode: the TV receives broadcast channels only.
Cable Mode: the TV receives all programming via cable.
To change modes, press the left or right directional button
on the keyboard or remote control. When the desired mode
is displayed, select DONE and press GO to return to the TV
channel setup submenu.
Autoscan channels Select AUTOSCAN CHANNELS to have the TV tuner
automatically locate all available broadcast and/or cable
channels. During autoscan, the message AUTO CHANNEL
SCAN IN PROGRESS appears on the screen. When autoscan
is complete, select DONE or make another menu selection.
Edit channel list This menu allows you to block or unblock selected channels.
All autoscanned channels are available for viewing unless
individually selected and blocked.
Figure 15. Edit channel list submenu
To block or unblock a channel:
1. From the TV CHANNEL SETUP submenu, select EDIT
CHANNEL LIST and press GO.
2. To block (delete) a channel: With the remote control or
keyboard: Use the channel (+) or (-) buttons to scroll
through the channels one by one, or use the number
keys to enter the desired channel number.
Unblocked channels are displayed with the
message DELETE CHANNEL ##.
Press GO to block the channel, or,
Do nothing to leave the channel available for
3. To unblock (add) a channel: Using the number keys on
the remote control or keyboard, enter the blocked
channel number. The message ADD CHANNEL ## will
be displayed.
Press GO to unblocked the channel, or,
Do nothing to leave the channel blocked.
antenna mode
using your remote,
select channel to
delete and press
delete channel ##
The current TV reception
mode is displayed
(antenna mode or
at the top of the menu
cable mode)