Philips 252/0OH Universal Remote User Manual

Need help?
Note! The VOL – /VOL + and s (Mute) keys give direct access to the
TV volume even if you are operating your VCR or DVD
If the device does not respond at all, or not to all of the key
commands, follow the instructions under ‘Setting the remote
control’. It is possible that you must enter another code for
the device.
4. Need help?
We advise you to first read this user manual carefully. It is provided
to help you set up and use the remote control.
If, however, you require extra information or have additional
questions about setup, usage, spare parts, warranty, etc. of the
SBC RU 252 you can always contact us.
Before calling our helpline, first fill out the equipment list at the end
of this user manual. Make sure to have the list and the SBC RU 252
at hand when you call, so that our operators can help you
determine whether the SBC RU 252 is working properly.
You will find our contact details at the end of this user manual.
The model number of your Philips universal remote control is
SBC RU 252/00H.
Date of purchase: ......../ ......../ ........
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