Philips DVDR7310H DVD Recorder User Manual

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Hard Disk/DVD Recorder
with GUIDE Plus+
Record on Hard Disk without having to worry where to store it. Keep what you like
on DVD. Just point-and-select using GUIDE Plus+ and it will record your favourite
program with title information.
Record, transfer or archive conveniently
Record more than 400 hrs of TV on a 250 GB hard disk
ShowView for quick and easy programming of your recorder
Superior audio and video quality
HDMI output with video upscaling to HD resolution 720p/1080i
Simplicity in recording and playback
Guide Plus+ electronic on-screen TV guide
Pause Live TV lets you take a break without missing a thing
Instant Replay for re-living a live TV moment with one touch
Plays and records what you want
Dual Media effortlessly records DVD+R/RW, DVD+R DL, DVD-R/RW
Plays MP3, JPEG
Hard Disk/DVD Recorder
250 GB

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