Philips LF4025D24 TV Mount User Manual

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Addendum for the use of VESA wall mounts
There are many styles and manufacturers of VESA wall mounts. The type of wall mount you choose will determine whether spacers are required, and
what length bolts are required for secure mounting. Ensure that there is enough of a gap between the wall and the back of the TV set, so that the
cables (power cord, audio cables, and video cables) are not pinched, stressed, or strained. If the wall mount you choose has a slim profile and places
the TV very close to the wall, you may need to purchase spacers to ensure sufficient gap between the TV and the wall.
The bolt length should be 15mm. If you use a spacer, the bolt length should be spacer length plus 15mm. For example, if you determine you need to
use a 40mm spacer to have enough gap for the cables, the bolt length you should use would be 55mm (40mm + 15mm).
Wall mount the TV
WARNING: Wall mounting of the TV should only be performed by quali ed installers. Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.V. B
bears no responsibility for improper mounting that results in accident or injury.
Step 1 Purchase a VESA-compatible wall bracket
Depending on the size of your TV screen, purchase a wall bracket, bolts and, optionally, spacers.
TV screen size
VESA-compatible wall bracket
Bolt and spacer type (not supplied) Special instructions
32 Adjustable 300 x 300 4 of M6x10mm steel bolt
4 of M6x50mm steel bolt with 40mm
Adjust bracket to 200 x 300 before securing to
the TV.
42 or larger Fixed 400 x 400 4 of M8x15mm steel bolt
4 of M8x55mm steel bolt with 40mm
Note: You can purchase a VESA-compatible wall bracket from D
Step 2 Remove the TV stand
Note: Stand may differ according to TV model. These instructions are only applicable to TV models with installed stands. If your TV stand is not D
installed, skip to Step 3 Connect cables.
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