Philips PLA-1 TV Mount User Manual

For 32" to 63" plasma and LCD screens
Swings to watch the screen from
anywhere in the room
Screen always level with easy
leveling adjustment
Folds flat against the wall
Comes in black or silver
Articulating Swivel Mount
For Large Flat Panel Screens
Swing, tilt, or extend a plasma or large LCD screen
from the wall for limitless viewing options with Peerless’
Articulating Swivel Mount. Three swivel points and
adjustable forward tilt offers outstanding flexibility for
installations in lobbies, hotel rooms, boardrooms, public
displays or home theaters. The exceptional functionality of
this product is also well suited for recessed applications in
a wall or armoire. It safely holds flat panels ranging from
32" to 63" and can fold flat against the wall.
for 32" to 50" screens