Pioneer PDP 5020FD Flat Panel Television User Manual

Simulated Screen
Enter the next generation of Pioneer KURO™, where a picture is worth more than a
thousand words. Awaken your senses and discover there is more to this television
than meets the eye. Deeper black levels that pave the way to breathtaking detail,
added dimension and more vibrant color are just the beginning.
kuro Technology
Exclusive cell structure with crystal emissive layer for a more intense
black with added detail
Improved lter for enhanced contrast in bright environments
Improved ASIC video processing and scaling for the ultimate in
Standard-Denition and High-Denition video performance
Detachable bottom speaker with fully integrated digital amplier for
pristine clarity and accuracy of sound
kuro FeaTures
New, Improved Optimum Mode. Automatically analyzes and adjusts
audio and video settings according to specic room light conditions
and type of light and color. Program content is also monitored
and nely adjusted so movies, sports and news are all faithfully
reproduced. Includes OSD with status.
Smooth Film mode to eliminate motion judder in 3:2 Pulldown (60Hz)
providing natural even playback of content created by lm
4 Independent HDMI 1.3 inputs with HDMI-CEC control and the ability
to accept 1080p 24/60Hz signal
Room Light Sensor for automatic picture adjustment
Standard 3:2 (60Hz) and Advanced PureCinema with 3:3 Pulldown
(72Hz) for accurate playback of lm content
Fully Integrated ATSC and NTSC Tuner with Clear QAM
V-Chip Parental Control
Remote Control – Glow in the dark / Preset Mode
PicTure seTTings
A/V Selection Memory – 7 options for viewing preferences:
Optimum / Dynamic / Performance / Movie / Sports / Game /
Standard (PC input: only for Standard)
Aspect Ratio Control – 9 positions: Auto* / Full / “Dot by Dot” /
Zoom* / Cinema* / 4:3 / Wide* (only for SD) / Wide1* (only for HD) /
Wide2* (only for HD)
*Except PC signal
Advanced Picture-in-Picture (4 positions), Picture-side-Picture
(3 positions) and Still Picture capability
After-Image Reduction Function
Orbiter (Off / Mode 1 / Mode 2)
Auto Size (Off/ Natural / Wide-Zoom)
Side Mask Detection (Mode 1 – for black side masks /
Mode 2 – for black & illustrated side masks)
Side Mask Brightness Sync (Fixed / Auto)
Video Pattern (White Bar)
Game Control Preference (AV Selection: only Game) (Off / On)
Room Light Sensor (Off / Mode 1 / Mode 2)
Video Processing
Picture Detail Settings* – DRE Picture, Black Level, ACL,
Enhancer Mode, Gamma and CTI
*No menu items for these functions
Noise Reduction Settings* – 3 DNR, Field NR, Block NR, Mosquito NR
*No menu items for these functions
Tuner Noise Reduction (Off / On for each channel)
High-Denition 1080p Resolution
(1920 x 1080p)
50” Diagonal Class / 16:9 Wide-Screen
Aspect Ratio (49.85” Screen)
New Deeper Intense Blacks
for Unmatched Contrast
(5x Previous Generation)
New Thinner Cosmetic Design
New Home Media Gallery
Home Network Connectivity
4 Independent HDMI
1.3 Inputs
Anti-Reective Filter
Subwoofer Output
50-Inch Class High-Definition
1080p Flat Panel Television