RCA 24F500TDV TV DVD Combo User Manual

24" (Diagonal) TruFlat™
TV/DVD/VHS Combo with 4-Head
Stereo Hi-Fi and mp3
Features Benefits
TruFlat™ Picture Tube
DVD/Audio CD/CD-R/mp3 Playback
4-Head Stereo HI-Fi VHS
Comb Filter
Stereo Front and Rear Audio/Video Inputs with Digital
Audio Output
Dolby Digital² and DTS³ Compatible
(with Dolby Digital ready audio equipment²*)
Low Noise Pre-Amplifier
Reduces peripheral screen reflections & glare by over
60% compared to standard tubes. Offers a wider effective
viewing area from any angle. Detail clarity adds realism.
Incorporates the newest electronic software to allow wider
compatibility with CD-R and mp3 audio playback.
Incredible stereo audio reproduction. Two of the four high
speed rotating audio heads helically scan the video tape
to create stereo sound with dramatic range.
Separates black-and-white detail from color information to
virtually eliminate edge crawls and rainbow effects while
enhancing picture resolution.
Simplifies connecting other components such as a home
audio system, game system, digital camera, etc.
Plays full 6-channel 5.1 channel audio via the optical
digital output. Full 2-channel Dolby² Pro Logic down mix
for full compatibility with Pro Logic audio equipment.
Minimizes both audio and video noise. Pre-recorded
movies sound richer, clearer, and more distinctive.