RCA 27F501TDV TV DVD Combo User Manual

27" (Diagonal) TruFlat™ 
TV/DVD/VHS Combo with mp3, 
JPEG & WMA Compatibility
Features  Benefits
TruFlat™ Picture Tube Reduces peripheral screen reflections & glare by over 
60% compared to standard tubes. Offers a wider effective 
viewing area from any angle. Detail clarity adds realism.
Plays DVD Discs, Audio CDs, and CD-R plus mp3, JPEG,  Allows wide compatibility and provides quick access 
and WMA Files combined with low-noise decoding.
4-Head Stereo HI-Fi VHS  Incredible stereo audio reproduction. Two of the four high 
speed rotating audio heads helically scan the video tape 
to create stereo sound with dramatic range.
Comb Filter Separates black-and-white detail from color information to 
virtually eliminate edge crawls and rainbow effects while 
enhancing picture resolution.
Stereo Front and Rear Audio/Video Inputs with Digital  Simplifies connecting other components such as a home 
Audio Output audio system, game system, digital camera, etc. 
Dolby Digital² and DTS³ Compatible (with Dolby Digital²  Plays full 6-channel 5.1 channel audio via the optical 
ready audio equipment²*) digital output. Full 2-channel Dolby² Pro Logic down mix 
for full compatibility with Pro Logic audio equipment.
Low Noise Pre-Amplifier Minimizes both audio and video noise. Pre-recorded 
movies sound richer, clearer, and more distinctive.