RCA ANT1450 Satellite TV System User Manual

Amplified Flat Multi-Directional
Indoor Antenna
Antena multidireccional plana amplificada para interiores
User’s Guide
Guía del Usuario
Congratulations on your purchase of the ANT1450 Amplified Flat Multi-Directional Indoor
Antenna. With this contemporary antenna, rabbit ears are a thing of the past. This sleek,
attractive antenna features the most advanced technology, including a patented engineering
design that provides excellent reception for both analog and digital TV broadcasts.
Multi-Directional Antennas
A multi-directional antenna is able to receive signals from any direction. Useful for both
analog and digital reception, the ANT1450 looks great, facilitates optimal reception,
and requires very little space. The patented multi-directional technology ensures that the
antenna does not need to be adjusted according to the location of the transmitting signal.
The Switch from Analog to Digital
Because of the February 2009 switch to digital signals, the ANT1450 has been created with
the ultimate flexibility. In some situations, antennas require an amplifier; in other cases, the
amplifier can cause problems with reception. The ANT1450 has a removable amplifier so
you can use it in either instance. Regardless of your reception needs, analog or digital, the
ANT1450 provides high-quality reception.
ANT1450 Features
The ANT1450 Amplified Flat Multi-Directional Indoor Antenna is packed with features
that make it as functional as it is attractive. Because the ANT1450 is multi-directional,
there is no need to constantly turn the antenna to improve reception. And, with its compact
footprint, the ANT1450 is so unobtrusive, you can hang it on the wall, stand it up or lay it
flat. Its attractive design complements any décor. The ANT1450:
• Featuresaremovableampliertooptimizereceptionoflocalstandarddenitionand
high definition signals
• Outperformstraditionalantennasduetopatenteddesign
• Eliminatesconstantadjustmentswithmulti-directionalreceptionpattern
• Getsgreatreceptioninanyposition—lyingat,hanging,orstanding
• Takesupminimalspace
• Featuresamodern,contemporarylook