RCA BLD548 TV DVD Combo User Manual

Using the DVD’s Menu System
40 Chapter 3
Setting the Rating Level
In this section, you will be setting the rating level as well as the
1. Press DVD MENU on the remote to bring up the menu.
2. Press the down arrow to highlight RATING and then press
3. Press ENTER to change the rating (a screen to enter your
password is displayed).
4. Enter a four-digit number using your remote control and press
5. Use the up/down arrows to highlight the rating level and
press ENTER.
6. Press the left arrow to return to main menu.
7. Press the down arrow to highlight EXIT and then press ENTER
to exit the menu.
Note: If a rating level is blocked, you can still watch the material
by entering your password. Just follow the on-screen information,
and of course, know your password.