RCA L26HD33D TV DVD Combo User Manual

16 Chapter 1 Connections and Setup
HDMI/DVI Connection (Best)
This is an example of a connection using the HDMI2/DVI jack. Go to page 15 for specific
HDMI Cable
HDMI Cable + HDMI/DVI Adapter +
Audio cables are color coded
Red=right audio; white=left audio
Connecting a PC Device
This connection allows you to connect to a personal computer and use your TV/DVD as a
1. If necessary, connect your cable and/or off-air antenna as described on page 12.
2. Connect your monitor cable. Connect one end of a 15-pin monitor cable to the PC VIDEO
jack on the TV/DVD and the other end to the PC's VIDEO OUTPUT jack. Note, if your PC's
VIDEO OUTPUT isn't 15-pin, you'll need an adapter that can connect to a 15-pin monitor
3. Connect your AUDIO cable. Connect a 3.5mm stereo mini pin cable (sometimes referred
to as 1/8" stereo mini pin) to the PC AUDIO jack on the back of the TV/DVD and the other
end to the AUDIO OUTPUT jack on the PC.
Don’t forget:
If necessary, connect
antenna or cable to get
a picture. Go to page
12 for instructions.