Roland VC-200HD TV Converter Box User Manual

Basic Operations
The Menu screen is shown on the display when the MENU button is
pressed. Various settings for the VC-300HD/
VC-200HD are performed on the Menu screen.
* See “Menus and settings” (p. 32) for items displayed on the Menu
Item Selection
When the VALUE/ENTER knob is turned while an item number is
blinking, the item number and item name shown on the display
Press the PAGE button to skip groups of item numbers. Press and hold
down the PAGE button to display the name of the group being skipped.
The following are the groups.
Changing the Value of a Setting
Press the VALUE/ENTER knob and the setting’s value blinks,
indicating that it can be changed.
Use the VALUE/ENTER knob to change the value of the setting.
The selected value for the setting is confirmed by pressing the VALUE/
ENTER knob. The setting’s value stops blinking and the item number
begins to blink.
* If the EXIT button is pressed while the setting's value is blinking,
the value is not confirmed and the item returns to the selection
status (the item number blinks).
Exiting from the Menu
When the MENU button is pressed while the Menu is being displayed,
the unit exits from the Menu screen and returns to the Status screen
(p. 29).
* If the MENU button is pressed to exit from the Menu while the
setting's value is blinking, the selected value is not used.
The darkness of the text shown in the display and the backlight's
brightness can be adjusted with "900: LCD Contrast" and "901: Light
Dimmer" (p. 37) from the Menu.
Menu Display and Operation
Name Range of
Item Numberson
Group Name Descriptions
100 – 170 Input Parameter p. 32
200 – 275 Processing Parameter p. 33
300 – 391 Output Parameter p. 35
400 – 460 SDI Parameter p. 37
900 – 999 System Parameter p. 37
1 2 3
1 Item Number
2 Item Name
3 Value of Setting
MENU button
Adjusting the Display
EXIT button