Sony DCR-HC21 DVD Recorder User Manual

Transferring Footage from the SONY DCR-HC21
The DV format video recorded by the Sony HandyCam needs to be transferred off the MiniDV tape to be edited
or viewed elsewhere. A computer is used to “capture” the video, and convert to a more readily playable format.
There are a variety of options for transferring movie footage from the Sony Handycam to a computer. The Sony
Picture Package Software included with the camera is one option. The Video Capturing Tool part of the
package will capture output via a USB cable and convert to AVI format, which can then be edited, converted,
and burned to DVD. Instructions for using this software are included on the CD.
Another alternative for Windows users is WinDV WinDV is a small and easy to use
Windows application (98SE/ME/2000/XP) for capturing videos from DV camcorders into AVI-files and for
recording AVI-files into DV devices, via FireWire (IEEE 1394) interface (USB not supported). This software
can be downloaded for free, but has no support/help. You can find several how-to’s on line for using it.
If you would like to use Mann Library computers for conversion/editing, the following options exist. The Mac
options are generally recommended. Please allow adequate time for capturing and converting video. The
capture process requires video to be played/captured in real time, the editing process can be complex, and
burning DVDs can require patience. Limited assistance is available for basic overview of the steps described.
Please refer closely to this guide and the software help files. If you need help after reviewing these steps, please
submit a Mann Library consultation request form well in advance.
Windows (XP and Vista)
Capture Video
Export to DVD
Using iMovie/iDVD
Capture/Edit Video
Create/Design DVD
Automatic Capture/Movie Creation (with title, transitions, soundtrack)
Burn Direct to DVD from Camera
Create Magic iDVD (with selected themes, content and soundtrack)
Using Creation Station DVD Recorder
Windows Movie Maker (WMM)
This software comes installed with Windows XP and Vista, and provides basic tools for capturing video, simple
editing, and conversion. If you have a computer with a Firewire port (sometimes referred to as iLink or IEEE
1394), you can capture video in AVI format, which retains the full quality/resolution originally recorded. If you
use a USB cable, you only have the option of capturing in Windows Media format (wmv), a smaller compressed
format suitable for playback on computers but with more limited editability or re-use. The WMM help offers
detailed information on using the software.
Capturing Video (may vary depending on your configuration):
1. Make sure camera is fully powered (AC cord firmly attached or fresh charged battery)
2. Turn camera on and set to Play/Edit mode
3. Insert Tape
4. Connect camera (DV port) and computer (Firewire preferably, or USB)
5. Allow computer to recognize new hardware
6. Start Windows Movie Maker (if not offered option after connecting, start from Programs menu)