Sony DSR-70 DVD Recorder User Manual

Chapter 7 Setup Menu
Chapter 7 Setup Menu 101
Setup Menu
Menu System Configuration
The menu system of this unit comprises the basic
menu and extended menu.
• Basic menu
This menu is used to make settings relating, for
example, to the following.
the digital hours meter
the preroll time
the character information superimposed on the
output to the monitor
For detailed information about menu operation relating to
the digital hours meter, see “Digital hours meter” (page
Extended menu
This menu is used to make a wide range of settings
relating to the functions of this unit, for example, the
control panel functions, video and audio control, and
digital data processing.
Basic Menu
Items in the Basic Menu
The basic menu items (excluding the items related to
the digital hours meter) are listed in the following
In the “Settings” column of the table, the factory
default settings are underlined.