Sony DSR-70 DVD Recorder User Manual

Chapter 8 Connections and Settings
Chapter 8 Connections and Settings 113
Connections and
Reference Video Signals for Analog Signal Editing
In order to provide stable video and audio signals for
analog editing, it is necessary for the built-in time base
corrector (TBC) to operate correctly. To ensure this,
input a reference video signal synchronized with the
video signal to the REF. VIDEO IN connector and set
the REF. VIDEO IN 75 termination switch to ON.
Connections for Cut Editing Using i.LINK Interface
(Optional DSBK-140 Required)
Using two DSR-70/70P units, each fitted with the
optional DSBK-140 board, as a pair of player and
recorder, you can configure a cut editing system.
For connections and settings, see the section “Connections
for Cut Editing Using Two DSR-70/70P Units” on page 36.
REF. VIDEO IN connector
and 75 termination switch