Sony DSR-70 DVD Recorder User Manual

Appendixes 141
See “Unloading”.
User bits
These are also referred to as “user’s bits”.
The user bits are a 32-bit segment of the
timecode recording area. The user can
select what to record in this segment and
how to use the recorded data. For
example, it can be used to record date
information in addition to the timecode
data or ID numbers for tape reels or
V (vertical)-blanking
The portion of the video signal that occurs
between the end of one field and the
beginning of the next. During this time,
the electron beams in monitors are turned
off so that they can return from the bottom
of the screen to the top without showing
tracks of movement on the screen. When
the position of v-blanking is not adjusted
correctly, a horizontal black bar appears on
the screen.
Video gain
Amount of amplification for video signals,
expressed in decibels (dB).
Abbreviation of “Vertical Interval Time
Code”. This timecode is inserted in the
vertical blanking interval and recorded on
the video tracks. It can be read at low
speeds and during still playback, but not
during high-speed playback.
See also “LTC”.
Y signal
See “Luminance signal”.