Sony DSR-70 DVD Recorder User Manual

Chapter 3 Editing
Chapter 3 Editing 37
Sequence of Editing Operations
The following is a typical sequence of cut editing operations carried out
using two DSR-70/70P units as a pair of player and recorder.
Sequence of Operations See
Making necessary settings
“Settings for Editing” (page 38)
Insert cassettes.
• Insert a cassette for recording the
results of editing in the recorder.
• Insert the cassette on which
material to be edited has been
recorded in the player.
“DVCAM cassettes” (page 43)
Select an edit mode.
“Selecting an Edit Mode”
(page 47)
Determine edit points.
• Preview edit results.
• Modify edit points, if necessary.
• “Finding Edit Points
—Search” (page 49)
• “Setting Edit Points” (page
Execute an edit.
• Review the edit results.
• Redo the edit, if necessary.
“Executing an Edit” (page 57)