Sony DSR-70 DVD Recorder User Manual

Chapter 3 Editing
Chapter 3 Editing 43
Handling Cassettes
This unit can use standard-size and mini-size DVCAM cassettes listed
The numbers in each model name indicate the maximum recording/
playback time (in minutes) for each model. For example, the PDV-184ME
has a maximum recording/playback time of 184 minutes.
If you insert an incorrect type of cassette, it will be automatically ejected.
When operating this unit as a player, you can also use DV cassettes on
the unit. However, it is the best choice to always use DVCAM cassettes
because they are more reliable than DV cassettes whatever your purpose
may be: playback, editing, or long-period storage of recordings.
Cassettes that have been recorded by a DV-format recorder can be played
back on this unit, but you cannot use them to carry out recording by
editing. If you insert such a cassette into this unit, the NO EDIT
indication lights up in the sub LCD menu home page.
DVCAM cassettes
The following figure illustrates the DVCAM cassette’s appearance.
Model name Size
PDV-64ME/94ME/124ME/184ME Standard size
PDVM-12ME/22ME/32ME/40ME Mini size
Cassette memory
This memory is used to store ClipLink
log data. For details of ClipLink log data,
refer to “ClipLink Guide” supplied with
this unit.
REC/SAVE switch
For details of this switch, see
“Preventing accidental erasure”
(page 44).
Mini size
Standard size