Sony DSR-70 DVD Recorder User Manual

62 Chapter 4 Time Data and Sub LCD Menu
Chapter 4 Time Data and Sub LCD Menu
Information displayed
The figure below shows the time data and operation
status that can be superimposed.
The example above shows the factory default
You can use setup menu item 005 to display a different
type of time data in the second line as well.
For details, see page 102.
1 Time data type
Display Meaning
CNT Count value of the time counter (COUNTER)
TCR Timecode reader timecode data
UBR Timecode reader user bits data
TCG Timecode generator timecode data
UBG Timecode generator user bits data
IN IN point time data
OUT OUT point time data
AI Audio IN point time data
DUR The duration between any two of the three edit
points (IN, OUT, AUDIO IN)
T*R Time code data from time code reader. The
asterisk indicates an interpolation by the time
code reader to make up for the time code data
not correctly read from the tape.
U*R User bit data from the time code reader. The
asterisk indicates that last data is retained by
the time code reader, as the new data has not
been read correctly from the tape.
2 Timecode reader drop-frame mark (for DSR-70
3 Timecode generator drop-frame mark
(for DSR-70 only)
4 Recorder/player selection
The indication changes depending on the status of the
No display: When the RECORDER and PLAYER
indicators are both not lit.
P: The PLAYER indicator is lit.
R: The RECORDER indicator is lit.
Setting Time Data
TCR 23 : 5 9 . 40 . 18
1 Time data type
Time data
2 Timecode reader drop-
frame mark
3 Timecode
generator drop-
frame mark
4 Recorder/player selection
5 Operating mode
a) This character can appear on the DSR-70 only. The
character to appear in these two columns is always a colon
(:) on the DSR-70P.
. Drop frame mode (factory default setting)
: Non-drop frame mode
. Drop frame mode (factory default setting)
: Non-drop frame mode