Humminbird 787C2 GPS Receiver User Manual

Key Functions
Your Fishing System user interface consists of a set of easy-to-use keys that
work with various on-screen views and menus to give you flexibility and control
over your fishing experience.
The POWER/LIGHT key is used to turn the Fishing System on and
off, and also to adjust the backlight and contrast of the display.
Press the POWER/LIGHT key to turn the unit on. The Title screen
is then displayed until the Fishing System begins sonar operation.
To adjust the backlight, or to adjust the display
background color, press the POWER/LIGHT key
to access the Light and Background menu. Use
the 4-WAY Cursor key to select Light or
Background and then use the LEFT or RIGHT
Cursor key to change the settings. Press EXIT to
exit the Light and Background menu.
Press and hold the POWER/LIGHT key for 3 seconds to turn the unit off. A
message will appear telling you how many seconds there are until shutdown
occurs. Your Fishing System should always be turned off using the
POWER/LIGHT key. This will ensure that shutdown occurs properly and any
menu settings will be saved.
The VIEW key is used to cycle through all available views. Press
the VIEW key to advance to the next view. Repeatedly pressing
VIEW cycles through all views available. Views can be hidden
to optimize the system to your fishing requirements (see
Views Menu Tab).
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