Swann DVR8-8600 DVR User Manual

Product Code: SW242-8TH
easily connects
to your TV
record more with
superior compression
record more with high
capacity hard drive
easily connects
to the internet
8 Channel
Digital Video Recorder
H.264 Compression
The latest H.264 video compression combined with networking, pentaplex
operation and an array of powerful features for monitoring & recording
Advanced H.264 recording
• State-of-the-art H.264 compression records at a lower bit rate for high quality play
back, longer recording with less storage required
• Amazing video images from 120fps recording, 240fps live view
• Ready to record with pre-installed 250GB Seagate HDD
• Easy back-up of incidents via USB port
• Multiple recording modes including motion detection, timer, event recording
(alarm, motion detection), and recording list
Easy to set-up and use
• Pentaplex operation for simultaneous recording, playback, setup, back-up and
network surveillance
• Enhanced simple to use graphic user interface (GUI) with mouse operation
via USB or PS/2
• View live from your mobile cell phone or handheld device*
• View recorded video one channel at a time
Sophisticated networking
• Sophisticated network capabilities including remote live view, remote playback,
PTZ camera control and remote menu setup
• Remote viewing is a snap with IE browser support from downloadable software