Toshiba MW27FP1 TV DVD Combo User Manual

Playback (VCR)
Loading and unloading a cassette tape
Use only video cassette tapes marked .
Remove the erase prevention tab with a screwdriver.
Cover the hole with a piece of adhesive tape.
To record again
Automatic tape eject
This unit will automatically rewind the tape when the tape has ended. And when the tape is rewinded to its beginning,
the cassette tape will be ejected automatically.
Press STOP/EJECT on the front panel.
Push the center of the tape until it is automatically
Insert the cassette tape with its labeled side facing up
and the erase prevention tab positioned at your left. An
inverted cassette tape cannot be inserted.
Automatic playback
When loading a cassette tape without an erase prevention tab, playback will start automatically.
Automatic power ON
When you insert a cassette tape the unit power will turn ON automatically.
Erase prevention tab
Adhesive tape
Remove the cassette tape.
Erase prevention tab
To prevent accidental erasure
To prevent accidental erasure
Tape speed and maximum recording time
Playback (VCR)
Always eject the tape when not in use.
The cassette tape can be ejected even if the POWER is “OFF”.
Video cassette tape
Tape Speed
SLP (Super Long Play)
T-160 T-120 T-90 T-60 T-30
2-2/3 hours 2 hours 1-1/2 hours 1 hour 30 minutes
8 hours 6 hours 4-1/2 hours 3 hours 1-1/2 hours
SP (Standard Play)
5L00201C [E]p33-37 20/4/04, 16:0633