Toshiba MW27FP1 TV DVD Combo User Manual

Advanced playback (DVD)
MP3/WMA/JPEG CD operation
This unit can play back the MP3/WMA/JPEG-data which has been recorded on CD-R or CD-RW. To produce the MP3/WMA/
JPEG-data, you need a Windows-PC with CD-R/RW drive and a MP3/WMA/JPEG-encoding Software (not supplied).
The Apple-HFS-System can not be played.
MP3/WMA/JPEG CD information
Limitations on MP3/WMA/JPEG CD playback
MP3/WMA/JPEG CD is the disc that is standardized by ISO9660, its file name must include 3-digits exten-
sion letters, “mp3”, “wma”, “jpg”.
MP3/WMA/JPEG CD must be correspond to the ISO standardized files.
This unit can read 200 files per disc. If one directory has more than 200 files, it reads up to 200 files, the
remaining files will be omitted.
The unit is able to recognize up to a maximum of 50 directories per disc.
MP3/WMA/JPEG CDs cannot be used for the purpose of recording.
If the CD has both audio tracks and MP3/WMA/JPEG files, only audio tracks are played.
It may take more than one minute for this unit to read MP3/WMA/JPEG files depending on its structure.
Music recorded by “Joliet Recording Specification” can be played back, the file name is displayed (within 16
letters) on the screen. Long file names will be condensed.
The music files recorded by “Hierarchical File System” (HFS) cannot be played.
Limitations on display
The maximum number for display is 16 letters.
Available letters for display are the following:
capital or small alphabets of A through Z, numbers of 0 through 9, and _ (under score).
Other letters than those above are replaced in hyphen.
Notes on MP3/WMA/JPEG files
To play back MP3/WMA/JPEG CD in the recorded order,
1.Use MP3/WMA/JPEG software that records data alphabetically or numerically.
2.Name each file including two-digit or three-digit number (ex. “01” “02” or “001” “002”).
3.Refrain from making too many sub-folders.
Some MP3/WMA/JPEG CDs can not be played back depending on the recording conditions.
The CD-R/RW that has no music data or non MP3/WMA/JPEG files can not be played back.
Standard, sampling frequency, and the bit rate:
MPEG-1 Audio
32kHz, 44.1kHz, 48kHz
32kbps ~ 320kbps (constant bit rate or variable bit rate)
The recommend recording setting for a high-quality sound is 44.1kHz of sampling frequency and 128kbps of
constant bit rate.
WMA version 7, and 8
32kHz, 48kbps
44.1kHz, 48kbps ~ 192kbps
48kHz, 128kbps ~ 192kbps
The file recorded by mono, 48kHz, 48 kbps is not available to this unit.
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