Toshiba SD-KV540 DVD VCR Combo User Manual

Combines the picture and sound advantages of a progressive scan DVD player with the convenient recording
and playback options of a videocassette recorder.
ColorStream Pro
Progressive Scan Component Video Outputs compatible with today’s finest analog and digital
televisions for delivery of stunningly colorful images.
10-Bit/27MHz Video digital-to-analog conversion for maximum color purity, detail, and resolution.
10-Bit/27MHz PCM Audio Compatibility delivers warmer, more natural-sounding audio from many types of discs.
DVD-Video/CD/Video CD playback. DVD-R/DVD-RW/SVCD/CD-R/CD-RW compatible playback ensures discs made
with recording devices can be played back in the home theater system, too.
JPEG Viewer enables a user to display digital photographs on a television set in the JPEG digital format.
• Coaxial Digital Audio Output
• WMA & MP3 Playback
• 10-Bit/27MHz Audio D/A Converter
• VHS Hi-Fi Stereo
• MTS/SAP Tuner
• ColorStream Pro
Component Video
Output (DVD only)
• Digital Cinema Progressive
(3:2 Pulldown)
• 10-Bit/27-MHz Video D/A Converter
• JPEG Viewer
• 4-Head/19-Micron Design
• S-VHS Quasi Playback
• Auto Clock
• Commercial Skip
• Front A/V Inputs