Zenith DTT901 TV Converter Box User Manual

Converter Box with Analog Pass-Through
Clear Digital Picture
Say goodbye to fuzzy analog channels... your old TV has never looked better!
On Screen Program Information
Find out whats on TV at the touch of a button.
More Programs
See new and different TV programs on sub-channels available from many digital TV stations.
Easy Remote Control
For command of the Zenith Digital TV Tuner and many other brands of TVs.
Simple Connection to TV
Using the supplied RF cable for easy hookup.
Parental Control
Manage access to TV programs with V-Chip technology.
Advanced Closed Captioning
Access closed captions using the CC button on the remote control or through the simple menu, choose fonts, sizes, colors and more
for digital closed captions.
Analog Pass-Through
Continue to receive analog signals with your TVÔs tuner without a splitter.
Energy Efficient
EnergyStar rated.