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Aug 4th, 2013 at 5:35am

How do I program my LM-1075 universal remote to…

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How do I program my LM-1075 universal remote to control my Ilo television?


    Press the power button and the button for the device to be programmed, holding them down until the red light comes on. Release the buttons at the same time. Pointing the remote at the device to be programmed (while the device is on), press the PLAY button. The red light will flash 10 times as it Foss through ten codes. If the device turns off, press the REWIND button once every few second until it turns back on. As soon as it turns on, press the STOP button. You May have to go through several sets of the ten codes to get to the right one. Press the play button after each set of ten if you haven't had tor device turn off. After you have the device coded, hit the device button, then power, to make sure you have it programmed. Good luck. I just had to do this myself. I had memorized how to do it, threw away the manual, then forgot. I couldn't find any help online, so I played with it until I figured it out.

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  • shorger.powerwashing
    perfect instructions. worked great thanks!!!!!

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  • Heaven Leigh Landry

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  • a_corlew1995
    I did that and i punched in to turn the channel and it did change...did I do something wrong?

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