Audiovox AVD300 DVD Player User Manual

b. Connect any of the two monitor ports on the back of the DVD
player directly to the Movies To Go headrest hoods Model MMH56
B/T/G. This is plug and play, power, audio, video and IR signals
are supplied in one DIN cable.
c. If your TV has an S Video input connector, connect the DVD
Player using the S-VIDEO connector. This connection will have
a better picture. Refer to the owner's manual supplied with the
TV to be used.
d. Using the supplied adapter (Part Number DVRCA) the monitor
port can be connected to any monitor.
5. Connecting an External Source
a. To connect a video game or another audio/video source, just
plug the A/V output jacks of the source into the matching
color-coded A/V input jacks on the front of the DVD player. The
front inputs take priority over the DVD player.
G. Playing a DVD
After connecting power to the unit, press the power button on the
main unit momentarily. The power light will increase in brightness.
Insert the disc into the slot on the front of the unit, the unit will load the
disc and start playing automatically; if there’s a disc inside the unit,
press the POWER button, the unit will start playing automatically.
Figure 5