Audiovox AVD400 DVD Player User Manual

F. Connections
Figure 3
1. Powering your DVD Player ( Refer to Figure 3)
Connect the black wire (-) to the vehicle ground. Connect the red
wire (+) to a switched (Accessory) 12VDC source. Plug the other
end into the 12VDC input jack on the back of the unit.
2. Remote IR Receiver ( Refer to Figure 3)
Plug the 1/8” plug on the remote IR cable into the IR IN jack on the
back of the DVD player. Place the IR receiver anywhere in the
vehicle to allow remote control from any location.
3. Connecting to a Monitor
a. Match the color-coded plugs to the appropriate jacks on the
back of the DVD Player A/V OUTPUT jacks: Yellow (video) to
Yellow, White (left audio) to White, and Red (right audio) to Red.
4. Connecting an External Video Source
To connect a video game or another audio/video source, plug the
A/V cable into the A/V input jack on the front or rear of the DVD