GE 24991 Universal Remote User Manual

Battery Installation
1. On the back of the remote, push down on the
tab and lift the cover off.
2. Match the batteries to the + and - marks inside
the battery case, then insert 2 AAA Alkaline
3. Press the battery cover back into place.
Battery Saver
Your remote automatically turns off if the buttons
are depressed more than 30 seconds. This will
save your batteries should your remote get stuck in
a place where the buttons remain depressed (e.g.,
between the sofa cushions).
Code Saver
You will have up to 10 minutes to change the
batteries in your remote without losing codes you
have programmed. However, do not press any
buttons until batteries are installed in the remote.
If buttons are pressed without batteries in the
remote, all codes will be lost.
Code Setup
The SETUP button is used to setup the remote.
You can either setup the remote using the code
for your brand of product, from the code tables (on
separate sheet), or you can search through the
for your product. Please refer to “Programming
with Code Search” page 9 for more information
on using the code search feature to learn how
to search through the library of codes for your
products. NOTE: You can store any kind of code
under any mode (except TV). I.E. you can store
a VCR code under the CABLE button, or a DVD
code under the SAT button, etc. However, you can
only store TV codes under the TV button.