Philips PM-4S 4 Universal Remote User Manual

Battery Installation
1. On the back of the remote,
push down on the tab and
lift the cover off.
2. Match the batteries to the
+ and - marks inside the
battery case, then insert 2
AAA Alkaline batteries.
3. Press the battery cover
back into place.
Battery Saver
Your remote automatically turns off if the buttons are
depressed more than 30 seconds. This will save your
batteries should your remote get stuck in a place where
the buttons remain depressed (e.g., between the sofa
Code Saver
You will have up to 10 minutes to change the batteries
in your remote without losing codes you have
programmed. However, do not press any buttons until
batteries are installed in the remote. If buttons are
pressed without batteries in the remote, all codes will be
Power-On Default
The remote powers on in TV mode.
Code Setup
The CODE SEARCH button is used to setup the
remote. You can either setup the remote using the code
for your brand of product, from the code tables (on
separate sheet), or you can search through the library
of codes until you find a code that works for your
Please refer to “Programming with Code Search” on page
8 for more information on using the code search feature
to learn how to search through the library of codes for
your products.
NOTE: You can store any kind of code under any mode
(except TV). I.E. you can store a VCR code under the
CBL button, or a DVD code under the VCR button, etc.
However, you can only store TV codes under the TV
Button Functions, cont.
DVD Functions
SCAN+ and SCAN- buttons control the speed of Fast
Forward and Reverse Playback respectively.
CHAPTER+ and CHAPTER- buttons respectively
locate the succeeding or preceding Chapters or Tracks
on a disc.
SUBTITLE button turns the subtitles on or off.
REPEAT button performs DVD players “A-B Repeat” (or
RPT A.B) function for repeat play of current Chapter or
INFO/SELECT button brings up DVD Display or
Control Menu for Chapter/Track/Title number, Time
remaining/elapsed indication, system information, etc.
QUIT button is used to Exit or Clear on-screen Menu
PLAY button is used to start Disc playback and for
Menu selection on some DVD players.
STOP button stops Disc playback.
PAUSE button pauses Disc playback - press PLAY to
INPUT button activates the DVD Players SETUP Menu.
The Menu In/Out button allows you to toggle in and out
of Menu Mode. Pressing Menu In/Out brings up your
device Menu. While in Menu mode the remote’s red
indicator light blinks continuously. The remote will exit
Menu Mode after 20 seconds if no keys are pressed.
While Menu Mode is active, the Menu, Channel,
Volume, Mute and Mode keys perform the following
MENU IN/OUT Exits/Enters Menu mode.
CHANNEL UP/DOWN Up/Down commands for on-
screen Menu navigation.
VOLUME UP/DOWN Right/Left commands for on-
screen Menu navigation.
MUTE OK command for on-screen Menu selection.
TV Mode Key Quit, Exit or Clear command to quit on-
screen Menu and return the remote to normal operation
(red indicator is now off). Note this action is also
available by pressing any Mode key.