Sony XBR43X800D Flat Panel Television User Manual

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XBR-49X800D / 43X800D
Before setting up your TV
Some TV models are packaged with a detached Table-Top
Stand so you can mount your TV to a wall right away. See
page 12 (Installing the TV to the Wall) if you want to mount
the TV to a wall. If you are not mounting the TV to a wall,
you will need to attach the Table-Top Stand. You will need a
Phillips screwdriver (not supplied) and the supplied screws
to complete the task. Look for the Setup Guide.
Be sure to consider the following while setting up your TV:
• Disconnect all cables when carrying the TV.
• Carry the TV with the adequate number of people; larger
size TVs require two or more people.
• Correct hand placement while carrying the TV is very
important for safety and to avoid damage.
• Ensure your TV has adequate ventilation, see page 14.
• For best picture quality, do not expose the screen to direct
illumination or sunlight.
• Avoid installing the TV in a room with reflective wall and
floor materials.
• Avoid moving the TV from a cold area to a warm area.
Sudden room temperature changes may cause moisture
condensation. This may cause the TV to show poor
picture and/or poor color. Should this occur, allow
moisture to evaporate completely before powering the TV
Securing the TV
Sony strongly recommends taking
measures to prevent the TV from
toppling over.
Unsecured TVs may topple and result
in property damage, serious bodily
injury or even death.
Preventing the TV from Toppling
• Secure the TV to a wall and/or stand.
• Do not allow children to play or climb on furniture and TV
• Avoid placing or hanging items on the TV.
• Never install the TV on:
slippery, unstable and/or uneven surfaces.
furniture that can easily be used as steps, such as a
chest of drawers.
• Install the TV where it cannot be pulled, pushed, or
knocked over.
• Route all AC power cords and connecting cables so that
they are not accessible to curious children.
Recommended Measures to Secure the
Consider the following measures when securing your TV to
a Stand (not supplied).
1 Secure the Stand for the TV.
Make sure the Stand can adequately support the weight
of the TV. Use two angle braces (not supplied) to secure
the stand. For each angle brace use the appropriate
hardware to:
• Attach one side of the angle brace to the wall stud.
• Attach the other side to the Stand.
2 Secure the TV to the Stand.
Use the optional hardware listed as follows (not
• M6 machine screws (screwed into the TV’s rear cover).
• A screw or similar (attach it to the Stand).
• Rope or chain (strong enough to support the weight of
the TV). Make sure that there is no excess slack in the
rope or chain.
Angle brace
(not supplied)
Screw hole on the rear cover
M6 machine screw
(previously removed)
Rope or chain (not supplied)
Screw (not supplied)