Technicolor - Thomson 63DF89L CRT Television User Manual

Press the button,
to swap the image being viewed and the PIP image.
Select an AV image on the screen.
Repeatedly press the PR +/- button
on the remote control to scroll through PIP displays of all
stored programmes and the other AV programmes.
Press a long time to remove the PIP.
Press the green button once or several times
to select the Contents line.
Select P I P.
Press the green button repeatedly
to select Channel Guide.
Press the key.
The screen goes grey and the channels become inlaid
With the corresponding programmes numbers superimposed.
The Channel Guide programmes change every 3 seconds.
When the Channel Guide appears,
the sound goes off.
To display the programme you want on screen,
press the button when the image of that
programme is animated
Activating the Channel Guide feature cancels any inlays.
To clear the Channel Guide, press the TV button.
television set
picture adjustments
Picture swap
Scanning all inlaid image programmes
You can display on the screen, in group of
9, all the channels stored in memory.
PR.- PR.+
PIP Off On
Source (-) 03 (+)
Channel Guide (+)
Change corner 1 2 3 4