FUNAI SC1903 TV VCR Combo User Manual

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If you have followed the instructions contained in this manual and have difficulty in operating your TV/VCR,
locate the PROBLEM in the left column below. Check the corresponding CORRECTIVE ACTION column to
remedy the problem.
No power.
Make sure the AC cord is connected to an AC outlet.
Make sure the power is turned on.
No picture and sound.
Make sure the AC cord is connected to an AC outlet.
Check antenna connection.
Let the TV/VCR program its tuner memory.
No picture or poor picture on
Adjust direction or replace antenna.
Adjust picture controls.
No sound or poor sound.
Adjust volume control on remote control or main unit.
Press the MUTE button to restore sound.
Timer recording is not possible.
Make sure the timer recording is set correctly.
Make sure the power is off.
Make sure the TV/VCR clock is set correctly.
Cannot go into Record mode.
Make sure the tape has an erase-prevention tab. If need, cover the
hole with plastic tape.
Playback picture is partially noisy.
Adjust tracking control for a better picture using the CHANNEL K
or L button on the TV/VCR.
No picture but the audio is OK in
Head cleaning may be necessary. Refer to “AUTO HEAD
CLEANING” on page 25.
No operation by infrared Remote
Make sure the AC cord is connected to an AC outlet.
Check batteries in remote control.
Video or color fades in and out
You can not copy a copyrighted video tape. You are experiencing
when making a copy of a video tape
copy guard protection.
Different color marks on screen.
Magnetism from nearby appliances and geomagnetism might affect
the color of the TV picture. Move the TV/VCR away from the appli-
ances, the TV/VCR can repair itself automatically. If you want to
repair immediately, unplug the TV/VCR power cord, then plug it in
again 30 minutes or so later.
My TV/VCR is showing captions • You are watching a live broadcast and spelling errors made by the
that are misspelled. closed captioning production company may pass through uncorrected.
A prerecorded program will not show any misspelled words because
of the normal time available for editing the captions.
My TV/VCR will not show the text • Captions that are delayed a few seconds behind the actual dialogue
in its entirety or there is a delay of are common for live broadcast. Most captioning production companies
what is being said. can display a dialogue to a maximum of 220 words per minute. If a
dialogue exceeds that rate, selective editing is used to insure that the
captions remain up-to-date with the current TV screen dialogue.
My captions are scrambled with • Interference caused by building, power lines, thunderstorms, etc.
white boxes on the TV screen. may cause scrambled or incomplete captions to appear.
My program guide listed a TV show
• Broadcasters may at times use a time compression process to speed
as being closed captioned but none up the actual program so that additional advertising time can be
of the captions were displayed. given. Since the decoder cannot read the compressed information,
captions will be lost.
My prerecorded video tape does not
• The video tape was either an illegal copy or the tape duplicating
show any captions. The tape box company accidentally left out the captioning signals during the
mentions it being closed captioned. copying process.
My TV screen shows a black box • You are in the TEXT mode. Select CAPTION mode to CAPTION
on certain channels. [OFF].
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