Sony XBR49X700D Flat Panel Television User Manual

How to care for your BRAVIA TV
Safety is very important. Please read and follow the safety
documentation (Safety Booklet) separately provided.
Unplug the TV and other
connected equipment from
the wall outlet before you
begin cleaning your TV.
• Wipe the LCD screen gently
with a soft cloth.
• Stubborn stains may be
removed with a cloth
slightly moistened with a
solution of mild soap and
warm water.
• If using a chemically
pretreated cloth, please follow the instruction provided
on the package.
• Never spray water or detergent directly on the TV set. It
may drip to the bottom of the screen or exterior parts and
enter the TV set, and may cause damage to the TV set.
• Never use strong solvents such as a thinner, alcohol or
benzine for cleaning.
• Do not plug in the TV into the wall outlet until the
moisture from cleaning has evaporated.
• Do not touch the TV if your hand is covered in any
chemical substance such as hand cream or sunblock.
The TV should also be placed on a stable surface to prevent
it from toppling over (see page 4). If you have young
children or pets at home, check regularly to ensure the TV is
securely fastened.
Recommendation for an F type plug
Projection of the inner wire from the connection part must
be less than 1.5 mm.
(Reference drawing for an F type plug)
7 mm max.
1.5 mm max.