Audiovox MMDV4 DVD Player User Manual

Enjoying magnified screen and
Changing Camera Angles
Change Angle (DVD)
Press the ANGLE button.
The Angle icon( ) is present, and the maximum number of viewing angles.
Press the ANGLE button, to select the Camera Angle you want
If the maximum number of screen is 1, the Camera Angle does not
When a DVD contains multiple angles of a particular scene, you can select the Angle fuction.
Zoom + Angle Functions
Enlarging the picture
Press the ZOOM button in Play or Pause mode.
( ) is displayed on screen and the screen ratio is displayed on screen.
Each press of the ZOOM button enlarges screen in the following sequence
4/3X - 3/2X - 2X - Off
You can enlarge the picture up to 3X the normal size.
You can move the enlarged picture the
… † œ √ buttons.