Audiovox MMDV4 DVD Player User Manual

Is there someting wrong
with the DVD player?
No sound
Playing the unit in slow or scan mode there is no
Check if it is connected and it is set up properly.
Check if disc is inserted upside down?
(Insert disc label facingup.)
Is disc damaged or dirty (Clean the disc.)
Initial settings up may operate differently depending
on DVD disc.
You can enjoy Dolby Digital 5.1 channel
sound by connecting to a Dolby Digital decoder and
playing a DVD disc recorded in Dolby Digital 5.1
Audio language and Subtitles only operate in discs
recorded with the desired language.
You can change Angles on screen with discs
recorded by with multiple camera angles " "
mark is present on the screen.
DVD player does not work as it is set up
The Dolby Digital 5.1 channel sound does not
Audio language and Subtitles which are
chosen does not operate.
Camera Angles does not operate in disc play
Is there someting wrong with the DVD
Contact the service center if same phenomenon appears, after taking following measures.
The picture is not seen on the screen while
the disc is running, or the picture has poor
quality and wavers.
Ensure that TV is turned on.
Ensure that the power cord is plugged in
Check if the disc is dirty or damaged.
Poorly manufactured discs may not operate.
Check all connections.
Check if remote control is not pointed at the
remote sensor of the DVD player or is too far from
the DVD player. There is an obstacle between the
remote and DVD player.
Check if the batteries in the remote control are
If the DVD player is moved from cold place to
warm place moisture may condense in side causing
poor operation Do not use DVD player for about
1 ~ 2 hours.
(After moisture evaporates, you can use the DVD
Check if disc is inserted.
Check if the voltage is present.
Check if the disc is inserted label facing up.
Check if disc has matching regional code with DVD
The sound quality is poor.
Remote control does not work.
Video or Audio does not operate, or disc is
ejected after 2 ~ 5 seconds.
The DVD player does not work.