Daewoo DF-4150P DVD VCR Combo User Manual

Safety Instructions
Safety Instructions
Please keep the DVD Recorder+VCR’s guarantee sheet and receipt in a safe place.
Read this booklet carefully.
Make sure the rating of your household electricity supply matches that
shown on the back of your DVD Recorder+VCR.
Read this page and chapter ‘Setting up your DVD Recorder+VCR’ to help you
set up and adjust your product correctly.
Do not put the DVD Recorder+VCR in a hot or humid place.
Do not open the DVD Recorder+VCR. Get a qualified technician to carry out
any repairs.
Do not connect the DVD Recorder+VCR to the power supply if you have just
moved it from a cold environment to a warm room. This can lead to
condensation inside the DVD Recorder+VCR, which can damage it. Wait for
approx. 2 hrs for it to reach room temperature.
Make sure the DVD Recorder+VCR is placed at least 10 cm apart from other
home appliances or obstacles to ensure sufficient ventilation.
The apparatus should not be exposed to dripping or splashing and no
objects filled with liquids, such as vases should be placed on top of the
Before a storm and/or lightning, unplug the DVD Recorder+VCR from the
mains supply and aerial.
Put the recorder on a steady flat surface.
Only clean the recorder with a soft, lint-free cloth. Do not use harsh or
alcohol- based cleaning agents.
For your own Safety
There are no components in this product you can service or repair yourself.
Do not open the case of the DVD Recorder+VCR. Only allow a qualified
engineer to repair or service your DVD Recorder+VCR.
This DVD Recorder+VCR is designed to work continuously. Switching it off
(stand-by mode) does not disconnect it from the mains. To disconnect it from
the mains you have to unplug it.