Technicolor - Thomson 14MG76C CRT Television User Manual

- 11 -
This cannot be used if the clock is not set.
You can programme your television set to switch on automatically to a chosen programme at
a chosen time. Firstly, make sure that the internal clock is set to the correct time. To do so :
Press briefly.
If the time display is
you cannot set the alarm. In this case, or if the time
displayed is incorrect, you must first set the clock. Refer to the SETTING THE CLOCK
If the time displayed is correct, the alarm can be programmed.
Press briefly. The menu shown on the right will appear.
Press briefly to select the line.
Press repeatedly to adjust the hours.
Press repeatedly to adjust the minutes.
Adjusting the alarm time automatically activates the alarm function :
On is selected.
Select the Program. No. line.
Choose the programme you want the set to switch on to.
If you wish to cancel the alarm function,
select the On line.
Select Off to deactivate the alarm function.
On Off
Program. No. : 01
Program. No. : 02
On Off
On Off
On Off
Press briefly to clear the menu from the screen.
Switch the television to Stand-By.
The Stand-By light flashes. The television will switch on to the selected channel at the
time programmed. The symbol appears on the bottom right of the screen. It will
automatically switch off after five minutes if no key is pressed on the remote control or
on the television keypad.
If the set is switched on before the alarm function is activated, it will not switch to the
programme selected for the alarm at the programmed time.
It is possible to programme both the automatic switching off (SLEEP TIMER) and
switching on (ALARM). In this case, the automatic switching on time must be
programmed to take place after the switching off time.
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