Technicolor - Thomson 5400 DM F CRT Television User Manual

television set
safety precautions
10 cm
5 cm
10 cm
10 cm
10 cm
Do not place audio loudspeakers
near to television. The magnets
in the speakers could cause
patches of colour to appear
on the screen.
To ensure your personal safety and the efficient operation of your
equipment, please follow the advice given below :
Télévision sets need ventilation to avoid overheating which can cause
damage to the components. The ventilation slots at the back of the set
should not be covered up by curtains, small covers, newspapers, etc…
There must be enough room in built-in cabinets to allow for the cooling
air to circulate. The set should not be placed directly next to heating.
This appliance is designed for use in dry areas. If occasionally you
should whish to operate it outdoors (for example, on the balcony or
veranda), you must insure that it is protected against all forms of
moisture (dew, rain, splashed water).
A cold set may be switched on in a warm room only after any
condensation which may happen to be on the screen has evaporated.
Never remove the cabinet back. Have your aerial installed by an
authorised dealer or service technician.
In the evenings, after the TV programmes, or in case of a prolonged
absence, it is recommended that the appliance be switched off using
the main power switch. Even if the ON/OFF switch is in OFF position
the television set is not completely separated from the mains. In order
to separate it completely from the mains, it has to be disconnected by
unplugging the mains plug. Remove the power plug from the wall
outlet under the following conditions :
1. During a thunderstorm. It is also recommended that you disconnect
the aerial plug.
2. If you find a burning smell or smoke emerging from the set.
Additional information :
Your TV set is adequately shielded to prevent emission of X-rays.
The acceleration voltage does not exceed the maximum value of 33 kV.
Work by non-qualified technicians, modification of the high voltage
setting or the replacement of the tube with a model that does not
comply with the manufacturer’s specifications may lead to a
considerable increase in X-ray radiation.
A set changed in any of the above ways no longer satisfies the initial
specifications and should not be put back into service.
The screen should be cleaned with liquid glass cleaner.
• Never use abrasive cleaners.
• To clean the front and the cabinet of your equipment use a soft cloth dipped in mild detergent. The use of
strong solvents such as white spirits or alcohol based products could damage your equipment.
• Clean the vents on the rear panel of your set regularly.
The earth’s magnetic field may have an effect on your television by causing patches of colour to appear on the
screen. If this happens :
• Switch off the television with the on-off button ;
• Wait a few minutes and then press again to switch on.
This allows the screen to be demagnetised automatically. If patches of colour are still visible repeat the procedure.
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