Zenith DVB412 DVD Player User Manual

Initial Settings
By using the Setup menu, you can make various
adjustments to items such as picture and sound. You
can also set a language for the subtitles and the
Setup menu, among other things. For details on each
Setup menu item, see pages 12 to 15.
To display and exit the Menu:
Press SETUP to display the menu. A second press of
SETUP will take you back to initial screen.
To go to the next level:
Press B on the remote control.
To go back to the previous level:
Press b on the remote control.
General Operation
1. Press SETUP. The Setup menu appears.
2. Use v / V to select the desired option then press
B to move to the second level. The screen shows
the current setting for the selected item, as well as
alternate setting(s).
3. Use v / V to select the second desired option then
press B to move to the third level.
Use v / V to select the desired setting then press
ENTER to confirm your selection. Some items
require additional steps.
5. Press SETUP, RETURN, or PLAY to exit the Setup
Menu Language
Select a language for the Setup menu and on-screen
Disc Audio / Subtitle / Menu
Select the language you prefer for the audio track
(disc audio), subtitles, and the disc menu.
Original: Refers to the original language in which the
disc was recorded.
Other: To select another language, press number
buttons then ENTER to enter the corresponding 4-
digit number according to the language code list in the
reference chapter. If you enter the wrong language
code, press CLEAR.
Menu Language
Disc Audio
Disc Subtitle
Disc Menu